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Lucian Avery hammering

I started blacksmithing in 1992, captivated by the idea making my own tools for gardening, woodworking and, once I got started, for blacksmithing. I soon developed a broader interest in smithing and started taking on commissions.

Since then, I have forged a wide array of custom pieces, working with designers, builders and homeowners from across the country. My work has ranged from thumb latches for historic buildings to stair railings, fire tools, and garden gates. Lately I have come to especially enjoy making early American door latches and hinges.

In this era of high tech, I have chosen to continue emphasizing old-fashioned craftsmanship and handwork. This allows for flexibility in design and I feel it imparts human warmth to the ironwork.

All of my work is made at my studio here in Northern Vermont. I offer design services or I can work from your designs. I also teach classes and demonstrate blacksmithing to the public and blacksmith associations on a regular basis.


2014 - October 18-19, "Camp Ax" class, Adirondack Folk School, Lake Luzerne, NY

2014 - June 7-8, "Garden Tools" class, Adirondack Folk School, Lake Luzerne, NY

2013 - August 24, "Making a Screwdriver" class, Old Stone House Museum, Brownington, VT

2013 - August 17-18, "Hanging Pot Rack" class, Adirondack Folk School, Lake Luzerne, NY

2013 - July 6, "Hooks from A to Z" class, Old Stone House Museum, Brownington, VT

2013 - April 13, Featured in Burlington Free Press cover story

2013 - March 18-19, Taught at The School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA.

2012 - October 20-21, Demonstrator for The Saltfork Craftsmen Artist-Blacksmith Association, Perry, OK

2012 - September 1, "Garden Trowel" class at the Old Stone House Museum, Brownington, VT

2012 - June 16, Demonstrator at the 4th annual Lake Champlain Maritime Museum Hammer-in, Vergennes, VT

2012 - June 1-5, "Early American Door Hardware" class at Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton, NJ

2012 - March 20-21, Taught at The School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA.

2012 - March 2-3, Demonstrator in Weaverville, CA

2012 - February, Featured in Elemental Journeys, pages 82-85, by Ken Glaser, published by Light Path

2011 - April 16-17, Demonstrator at Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site, Petersburg Il.

2010 - December 7, at 12:10 Across the Fence television program, WCAX-TV

2010 - October 2- November 10, Continuous Threads - Special exhibit at the Northeast Kingom Artisan's Guild.

2010 - October 2-3, Demonstrator for the Prairie Blacksmiths Association.

2010 - April 30-May 2, Demonstrator for the Northeast Blacksmiths.

2009 - July 18-19, "Introduction to Traditional Door Hardware" at the Lake Champlain Meritime Museum.

2009 - May 1-3, Demonstratior for the Blacksmiths Association of Missouri.

2007 - November 3, The Times Argus newspaper, photo gallery on page B1.

2007 - October 31, Seven Days newspaper, featured in "Eyewitness: Taking note of visual Vermont"

2007 - June 1-2 Demonstrator for the New England Blacksmiths

2007 - April 21-22, Demonstrator at Spring Fling, Guild of the Patomic conference

2006 - June 23-27, Taught "Early American Door Hardware" at Peters Valley Craft Center, Layton, NJ

2006 - June 10-11, Demonstrator at Illinois Valley Blacksmith Association's annual conference

2005 - September 14-25, Demonstrator at Quadstate (SOFA) conference

2005 - "This Old House" magazine, October edition

2005 - Featured in "Artist Blacksmith" summer edition (British Artist Blacksmith's Association magazine)

2005 - Work pictured in Ski Magazine's "Mountain Home" magazine, spring edition

2005 - Featured in "Anvil's Ring" winter edition (Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America magazine)

2003 - August 22-25, Taught "Toolmaking" at New England School of Metalwork, Auburn, ME

2003 - Featured in "Modern Masters" on Home and Garden Television (Show #806).

2002 - Became a juried artist in the Vermont Arts Council's Arts Directory.

2002 - 2003 - Board member of New England Blacksmiths.

2001 - 2003 - Founding president of the Green Mountain Blacksmiths' Association.

2000 - 2009 - "Master Artist" in the Vermont Folklife Center apprenticeship program.

1999 - 2003 - Taught blacksmithing classes at the Shelburne Museum.

1999 - Fire tools and rotisserie pictured in "House Beautiful -- Home Building" fall/winter edition, page 35