$95 - Complete with handle & sheath 

$55 - Blade only 

Specify right handed or left handed when ordering.

Right handed people mostly use right handed scoops - left handed people use left handed. Opposite handed knives are handy occasionally to get into awkward spots.

Handle is about 7" long which is helpful for reaching into larger projects like shrink pots. Comes sharp and with a rawhide sheath.

My spoon scoop blades have a hollow forged along the inside of the bend. This makes them easy to sharpen and to keep the edge geometry right if you go about it correctly. I made the short video here to show you how.

The thing to remember is to do all the sharpening on the inside, then strop inside and out. If it is really dull or if you have a nick, you will need to do more sharpening with lower grits than I show here .

Nic Westerman is the first blacksmith that I know of to make this style of spoon knife. He has a more in depth video on sharpening here. I recommend it.