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I started blacksmithing in 1992 to make my own tools for homesteading. Since then I have taken detours through architectural ironwork, early American door hardware, and other realms of the craft. I have demonstrated to blacksmithing associations from the Pacific to the Atlantic and occasionally teach at folk schools. I am now focused on making tools - mostly for woodworking, basketry and cooking.


When I am not at the forge, I have a habit of wandering the woods and enjoy making things for everyday life, like baskets, bowls and chicken soup.



May 6-8 Hand Ax Class

Sanborn Mills​, Lauden NH 

June 17-19 Shrink Pots & Knife Handles

Sloyd Skills Gathering, Stannard, VT 

July 8-9 Scandinavian Style Carving Knife Class

Sanborn Mills​, Lauden NH    

Date TBA Unplugged Knife Making Class

Maine Coast Craft School, Bristol, ME  

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