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If you have a timeline for when you need a tool that is out of stock, feel free to e-mail me. I may have an idea of when I plan to finish a batch. However, I have come to feel that deadlines work against quality work and quality of life, so I usually won't be able to give a firm date.

Also, check with the Maine Coast Craft School - they carry some of my tools. If you are interested in inshaves, they are now sold only through Sawyer Made, so check with them.

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Cutting edges are made of high carbon steel. This makes them heat treatable for just the right hardness. I use a variety of carbon steels depending on the tool.


Non-edge tools are mostly made of low carbon steel but occasionally I reuse coil springs from the salvage yard if I want more toughness.

Handles are made of local hardwood. Some I cut myself and some I get from local sawyers. Handles with a burnt finish are mostly Black Cherry or American Elm, which has a lovely feathered grain. Ax handles are White Ash, Hickory or Yellow Birch.

Sometimes I change up materials depending on what is available or where curiosity leads me.



I stand behind my tools. If you receive a tool and want to send it back in like-new condition for any reason, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund of the sale price. You pay postage.


If there are any defects, I will repair, refund, or replace. I will pay postage. Just contact me within one year of your purchase and we can figure out what the best solution is for the situation.

returns and refunds

My spoon scoop blades have a hollow forged along the inside of the bend. This makes them easy to sharpen and to keep the edge geometry right if you go about it correctly. This short video will show you how.

The thing to remember is to do all the sharpening on the inside, then strop inside and out. If it is really dull or if you have a nick, you will need to do more sharpening with lower grits than I show here .

Nic Westerman is the first blacksmith that I know of to make this style of spoon knife. He has a more in depth video on sharpening here. I recommend it.


Sharpen Spoon Scoop
inshave sharpen
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